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User Name 3dcg
Date 2020-12-03 16:05
Product dForce Medieval Barmaid Textures : Weary
Summary The dForce Medieval Barmaid Textures: Weary adds five texture sets for the Medieval Barmaid. It consists of textures for a corset, blouse, skirt, over skirt, head wear, belt and shoes. It's designed for Victoria 8, Aiko 8, Alexandra 8, Aubrey 8, Babina 8, Bridget 8, Charlotte 8, CJ 8, Darcy 8, Edie 8, Ellithia 8, Eva 8, Gabriela 8, Gia 8, Jenni 8, Josephene 8, Kala 8, Latonya 8, Leisa 8, Mabel 8, Mei Lin 8, Mika 8, Monique 8, Mrs. Chow 8, Nida 8, Olympia 8, Penny 8, Robyn 8, Rynne 8, Sakura 8, Stephanie 8, Sydney 8, Tasha 8, Teen Jane 8, Teen Josie 8, Teen Kaylee 8, Teen Raven 8, The Girl 8, Tika 8, Zelara 8 and Genesis 8 females. It's optimized for NVIDIA' Iray renders an engine. It works in DAZ Studio and Daz to Unity Bridge.
Pic dForce Medieval Barmaid Textures : Weary
ID 70899
Vendor DAZ 3D, Moonscape Graphics, Sade
Category 3D Models
Figures Genesis 8 Female
Other Figures
Clothing Uniforms-Costumes
Scenes & Props
Motions & Poses
3D Software DAZ Studio
Daz to Unity Bridge
File Formats
Material & Sky NVIDIA Iray Material Presets
Image Editing
Required Products dForce Medieval Barmaid for Genesis 8 Female(s)
Promo Picture dForce Medieval Barmaid Textures : Weary
Promo Video
Tutorial Video
Detail DAZ 3D

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